Ofarms aims to provide pure, unadulterated and resistance to pests. We use a primitive style of processes that involve organic and natural resources. We prefer a multi-actor approach to layout quality products. It founded in Sri Ganganagar , Rajasthan in 2002. We are into it for ages. It is conservative and localized in the indigenous community.

It is entirely based on indigenous local knowledge which grants it more pliability. With time, our set of knowledge, practice trust developed by its adaptive nature which involves our passion more to expand it via an online platform that connects living beings with their environment.

As we use hygienic and natural ways to dispense products, the availability of items may be seen as a shortage status but the available products are not quality compromised. Food security, nutrition are the key motivation for practice. We direct access to high-quality products through this platform.

Also, it gives financial support to the small vendors in the small cities. Our goal of bridging the gap between people and untarnished products. We believe it is our onus to deal with the most mundane problem of life where each matter like dealing with healthy food. It is the call of the hour to implement traditional ways to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability and food security.

We now serve customers all over India and love to enhance your life by providing amazing products which belong to nature. Not only looks so good on the outside, but it will also make you feel good inside.