Benefits of houseplants

What they can do to us?

Ever wondered what houseplants can do to our lives? How they influence our mood and our overall environment. We know plants provide us oxygen essential for us to survive but along + it there are numerous benefits too. You must have read about it or heard from someone but you will experience it once you surround yourself with them. There is an increase in houseplants in recent times because of their being inexpensive and seeking less care due to which people with busy life schedule are getting into to take care of them. You can see a lot of social media posts on houseplants and how you can do a decor of your home with them. Because it is pocket friendly and it aids natural beauty along with lifelong health benefits. There is a wide range of houseplants available. Let’s talk about their importance in our lives 

Air purification

As we started living in nuclear families and small apartments + less space to circulate air, these houseplants can help to purify our indoor air generated through a lot of activities like cooking ,cleaning ,dusting, personal hygiene etc. along + oxygen plants help to reduce formaldehyde and benzene as per the the nasa research in 1989. Plants like peace lily, rubber plant ,snake plant ,palms have helped to remove indoor toxins and pollutants. • Encourage mental health: many studies have shown that houseplants have boosted overall mental health by giving a sense of being home. They have increased a sense of calmness in people surrounded by them. 

Stress relief

Being surrounded by houseplants have proved to relieve stress by elevating mood and focusing on the solution. It can help in making oneself calm. Meditating in such a surrounding will also help to increase concentration and positivity.

Love and kindness

Taking care of plants can help to develop feelings of love and kindness as we care for plants. Even watering only appropriately acc to needs can help to increase peace and compassion.


Many plants can promote healing and most common plant is aloe vera. Surrounding ourselves in nature help to feel safe and protected too. Many plants have therapeutic qualities for minor ailments and overall wellbeing e.g. Tulsi, Giloy, lemon, lemongrass etc.


Many plants can be grown in pots as indoor plants that provide food and fruits like lemon, tomato, chillies, spinach, tangerines, strawberry and many more. 


Along with all these environmental and health benefits, they provide excellent decor to your home and that too Inexpensive. So mankind your space beautiful and homely in a natural way is never out of style and is less time-consuming.

So in conclusion, houseplants aid beauty and benefits to our environment and mind. So spare a moment to include them in your home and life and you will experience the difference. Start with low maintenance and easily sustainable ones e.g. rubber plant, dracaena, palms, succulents, cacti. And have a happy natural environment at home. 

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