Care tips for succulents

Succulents or succulent plants are those who retain water in their stems and leaves. that’s why they become thickened due to absorbed water. the word succulent came from the word ‘succus’ means to sap or juicy. these plants originated in desert areas with low or no water. so they store their water in them to survive the hot and harsh weather conditions.

Due to their beauty and less demanding needs, plantaholics and indoor plant parents have started shifting their interests towards them. they make a perfect choice to glam up your home and with minimum attention. Along with beauty , they purify the air too. Making environment natural and calming not only to eyes but mind also. 

There’s a wide range of succulents you can choose from to add on to your indoor plant collection e.g echeveria , crassula ,haworthia ,cactus , aloe and many more.
there’s many diy ideas also to arrange and display your succulents in indoor or low light conditions too. so lets talk about their care tips. how to make them survive and flourish for longer time :
1. Soil: This is the main requirement of succulents. they need a soil which drains water easily because retained water in soil will lead to root rot and will make plant weak and attract many pest infections , which make their death inevitable. so soil should be sandy and porous. you can add sand and granules to your regular garden soil in equal proportion and make it airy and drainy. coarse sand is their perfect choice.

2. Nutrients: Succulents dont require soil with heavy nutrients. the overfertilised soil will lead to mealybugs and fungus infections so keep it minimal and simple.

3. Water: Water succulents only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry. also in winter and rainy saeson they dont need water. overwatering can kill them. so let them thrive the thirst and live on.

4. Light: Succulents need proper light either indirect sunlight or artificial light. many succulents show their red or purple color when exposed to sunlight e.g echeveria. so place your suuculents near window getting sunlight or in semi shade. gradually increase the exposure to 6hours sunlight from indirect light. you can use shear curtains for partial sunlight. keep them changing the places so that they get enough air and light

5. Container: the container should be well-drained as water lodging can lead to many problems. also, the size should be appropriate acc to the size of plant. planter too large or too short can lead to improper growth.

6. Cleanliness: keep your succulents clean. a layer of dust will hamper the growth by interfering with light. wipe them with a soft coth gently. it will keep them bright and fresh too. so with this minimal care or you can say with neglect also, you can help your succulents to survive and make your home beautiful. so dont wait more to add on more succulents your home garden.

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