Why we need giloy as a protective shield of the body

Today, it is difficult to stay healthy due to a lack of time and poor eating habits. People, especially those living in urban areas, are finding it difficult to live a quality life due to a lack of resources and time. Life becomes more difficult due to viral and bacterial infections such as Covid 19, and other water and air bor infections. This is where the importance of body immunity comes into focus. It is important to be healthy and not sacrifice time or effort. Our rich culture has many natural resources that help us not only build immunity, but also keep us healthy and fit. Giloy is an herb that plays a vital role in our day-to-day health. The Giloy juice is helpful in many ways,

Boost immunity

The immune system is activated by Giloy juice, which increases vitality and vitality. Your immunity can be improved by including Giloy juice twice daily in your diet. Giloy is rich in antioxidants that help to eliminate toxins. The skin is also rejuvenated and giloy juice improves its glow. Giloy can also be used to treat liver disease, urinary tract infections and other heart-related problems.

Improve digestion

Giloy improves digestion and reduces digestion-related problems like diarrhoea, colitis, vomiting, hyperacidity.

It helps to control blood sugar levels

Giloy is also known as a “Madhunashini”, which literally means “destroyer” of sugar. It increases insulin production, which eventually controls blood sugar levels. Giloy can also be used to treat diabetes complications such as ulcers and kidney problems.

Aids in fighting viral infections

Giloy may boost immunity, so it could be helpful for many viral infections, especially corona infection. Although there is no evidence Giloy can treat corona infections, it can increase your immunity to combat it.

Protect against dengue fever

Giloy is an antipyretic herbal. It increases the platelet count and decreases the chance of complications in dengue fever. Regular consumption of Giloy juice can improve immunity and speed up recovery.

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